Sevenoak SK-DW03 Best Video Stabilizer Camera Table Dolly

投稿日時 2018-01-03 | カテゴリ: TOP

  Sevenoak SK-DW03 360°Video Stabilizer Camera Table Dolly with Inline Skate Wheels for Nikon Canon Gopro Sony Cameras Camcorders

  Lightweight and flexible design

  Smooth and quiet rubberized wheels, no undesired clicking sounds of the wheels on hard surfaces

  1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threads for different DSLRs, camcorders and other accessories

  You can mount a ball head on the camera dolly to be able to tilt your camera downwards or upwards

  Glide straight ahead or in full 360°circles

  Sevenoak skater dolly SK-DW03 is made of light-weight aluminium with 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threads on the base plate for camera mounting and accessories mounting. The rubberized wheels roll smoothly and quietly. The wheels can be turned however you need them to be. In this way, you can make the sevenoak camera dolly go round in perfect circles or just straight ahead.

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