Digital SLR camera aperture for your video

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Digital SLR camera aperture size, you can control the amount of light entering the camera at the same time, and the size of the aperture also affects the shutter speed.

Shooting in the night environment, if we set the camera to M file shooting, the sensitivity and shutter constant, and only change the aperture size, you will find the smaller the aperture the darker the photo. This is because the smaller the aperture, the amount of light entering the camera is less, and in order to make a small aperture for night photography photos can be accurately exposed, there should be a slow shutter speed, but if you do not have a camera rig to keep the camera stable at low speed shutter Under shooting will not guarantee the clarity of the photo.

So at this moment, our best choice is to open the aperture to the maximum, in order to expose accurately, the shutter speed of the camera will be much faster in comparison with the small aperture. Aperture becomes larger, the picture will be taken more bright shutter speed increased, but also can ensure the clarity of the screen.

There's another way to take night-time photography without a camera rig, which is to increase the sensitivity to the acceptable range of the camera.

Sensitivity refers to the camera's internal light-sensitive components CCD or CMOS light sensitivity, if the sensitivity to the maximum acceptable camera, which is sensitive to the sensitivity of the sensor to the maximum extent, you can increase the shooting screen Light level, thereby enhancing the shutter speed of the camera to ensure that the hand-held situation can also take a clear picture of the night landscape.
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